“Mary is a dream of a teacher!  She loves teaching and it shows in her work. “Ms. Mary” respects all of her students from the youngest of the young to the adults who are just trying dance for the first time! She is encouraging and always positive, which allows her dancers to thrive! A great role model for her students, Mary is always pushing herself to learn and perform in her spare time.
Mary has been a great mentor to my daughters over the past 9 years, and we look forward to continuing taking her classes!”

–Tara, parent of 2 dancers


“Ms. Mary is a fun teacher and very patient with her students. If you’re having a hard time understanding a new combination, she’ll walk you through it step by step until you get it. She makes me want to practice! Ms. Alisha has been my teacher for 4 years, and has taught me to enjoy and appreciate ballet.  I love being on pointe because it’s so challenging, but I have a great teacher who makes it fun!”

–Abby, current student


“We’ve been dancing with Ms. Mary & Ms. Alisha for about 10 years now and think they’re great. They have a knack for having the kids work hard while making it fun.”

–Wendy, parent of 2 dancers


“I have been taking Mary’s adult tap class for about 3 years.  I began taking her class having very little knowledge about tap and lacking confidence that I could tap.  I had come to the conclusion that tap was something I would never excel at, even with all my previous years of dance experience.  Within these 3 years, my proficiency and love for tap have grown exponentially with Mary as my teacher!  She has taught me steps I never thought I could do, and she makes me excited to challenge myself and learn more.  She is patient and encouraging to her students while creating within her students a great work ethic and a “never give up” attitude.  Her warm personality and enthusiasm for dance inside and outside the classroom makes it fun to come to class.  She is one of the best teachers I have had and I am so excited for her to ignite the love for dance in the classrooms of this new studio!”

–Kristin, current student


“My daughter loves dancing for Mary.  She would love to be there every night of the week!”

–Ann, parent


“Ms. Mary is the whole package – a wonderful dance teacher, dancer and role model for her students. She teaches dance in an enjoyable way that helps her dancers improve and want to continue to learn more.”

–Lisa, parent of 2 dancers


“Ms. Alisha is patient and always encourages you to try and do better.”

–Callie, current student


“Ms. Mary has been an amazing dance instructor for all three of my girls over the past few years. Her knowledge and expertise in multiple styles of dance always impresses us. She is so patient with the kids, yet keeps a structured learning environment throughout the year. The girls always look forward to their classes with Ms. Mary.”

–Jen, parent of 3 dancers


“Ms. Mary is my favorite dance teacher! She always discovers and learns new, up-and-coming dance moves to incorporate into our dances. She also keeps current and selects new and popular songs and dance styles. Ms. Mary always encourages us to try our hardest and never lets us say the words “I can’t.” She is not only a teacher, but also a friend. She cares about each student individually and supports us to reach our fullest potential. She was able to have me perform moves that I never thought I could and always stretched me to new limits. She is such an amazing, caring, and dedicated teacher. Anyone would be extremely fortunate to have her as their dance instructor.”

–Alex, former student


“Mary taught my tap classes and she was absolutely wonderful. She would always start with technical warm-ups which were helpful for someone who hadn’t received a lot in the past so I felt like I improved a lot in her classes. She would help to break down our routines but also challenge us, all the while being so kind and supportive. Mary is an amazing teacher and I still remember some of her routines 10 years after I took her class!”

–Catherine, former student


“Mary is fantastic, her love for kids and dance go hand in hand! She has such talent and my 3 girls have loved learning from her! We can’t wait to start at her new studio, much deserved for such an amazing teacher.”

–Erica, parent of 3 dancers

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